Denture Liner
Denture Soft Ⅱ
Soft to hard  DIL
(Dynamic impression lining material)

The world first success in the development

This functions as tissue conditioner first, then automatically begins self-curing a week after wearing.
As it hardens after taking the functional impression, so patients feel comfortable with their denture with less pain.

“Polident” with enzyme(denture cleanser) can be used from a week after wearing.
 powder 50g liquid 45mL
 New top coat 30mL
 pink, fiber pink

Denture Liner
(Hard lining material)

Economical lining material with less stimulation,
and with hardness same as the denture base.

This is the hard lining material with less stimulation and hardens gradually, so that it can be taken out safely even in the case of many undercuts for partial dentures.
Also by using attached self-curing accelerator, it can be as hard as the base of denture. Therefore there will be little level difference between the
base and lining material at the final polish.
 powder 100g liquid 100mL
 self-curing accelerator 36g

(Resin for peripheral sealing and extension of denture)

Only this resin which can make border molding and sealing of dentures

Because of its thixotropic character, border molding is easy in the early polymerizing stage.
As Peri-ResinⅡ is not sticky, so you can shape the border easily with wet fingers.
After extending and correcting the shape of peripheral edge of denture base, mucous surface might be lined
using lining material such as DIL. Contents
 powder  70g liquid 50mL
 New top coat 6mL syringe 2

Denture Soft Ⅱ
Denture Soft Ⅱ
(Tissue conditioner)

Best selling product with outstanding durability

In addition to durability, this conditioner is twice as good as a conventional one, the durability has further increased due to attached surface smoothing material.
 powder  100g liquid 80mL
 New top coat 6mL

 pink , white

Peri fit
(Peripheral extension and functional relining material)

Improves peripheral and mucous membrane surface of the denture base at the same time, just like a tissue conditioner.

It works as a tissue conditioner on the first day, and gradually
starts hardening from the next day as a functional relining material.

 powder 36g liquid 30mL
 New top coat 10mL
 Pink, Live pink (with fiber)

Clean Soft
(Denture cleanser for soft resin)

Denture cleanser exclusively for soft resin and durability of soft lining material has increased greatly.

This is a denture cleanser exclusively for acrylic soft lining material.
The cleaning strength is ten times stronger than that of commercially available enzymatic ones.
(By Hamada department, School of Dentistry Hiroshima University)

Minimum order unit
90g x 6 pieces per box

(Quick self-curing resin)

Total cost down with this quick self-curing resin

Self-curing resin of quick hardening comes in two colors, which are crown and gingival color.
It can be used for repair of denture and temporary crown.
 powder 100g
 powder 250g
 liquid 80g
 liquid 300g
(Halitosis prevention mouth wash)

Dental university has proved the effect

This halitosis prevention agent has sweet and mint taste. Through testing at Nippon Dental University, high halitosis prevention effect has been proved.
● Spray type    30mL
Minimum order unit
6 pieces per box
Exclusively for tongue brushes
E-Breath GEL Bad breath prevention gel

For pleasant breath

This bad breath prevention gel contains ingredient which degrades volatile sulfur compound causing bad breath. Put E-Breath Gel on a tongue brush, and rub the surface of the tongue with the brush from back to front lightly for cleaning.
● Tube type 30g per piece  
(Minimum order unit 6 pieces
Denture cleaning agent (For ultrasonic cleaning equipment)
Dent Clean Denture cleaning agent for color removal

Whitening and disinfection of stubbornly tobacco stained dentures

This denture cleaning agent is exclusively for an ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleans stubborn stains amazingly for about 5 to 10 minutes use. It gets rid of denture unpleasant odor and disinfects. Please refrain from mixing it with acidic cleaning agent (“Stone Melt”),as toxic gas is produced and
very dangerous .
● Contents 1.2L  

 (Diluted double to use)
Denture cleaning agent (For ultrasonic cleaning equipment)
STONE MELT Denture cleaning agent for scaling

Ultrasonic cleaning removes stubborn tartar easily.

This denture cleaning agent is exclusively for an ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleans stubborn tartar for about 5 to 10 minutes use. After cleaning dentures, rub off tartar on the surface with a denture brush. Please refrain from mixing it with alkaline cleaning agent (“Dent Clean”), as toxic gas is produced and very dangerous.
● Contents 1.8L  
 (Undiluted to use)

Denture cleaning agent (For a denture brush)
STONE MELT GEL Denture cleaning agent for scaling

Remove tartar on the surface of dentures

Apply the agent to the dentures, leave them for about 1 to 2 minutes till tartar gets melted. This denture cleaning agent gets rid of slime on dentures and disinfect them. It does not damage a clasp or acrylic resin base of dentures. In case of heavy tartar, apply the agent several times till tartar gets melted gradually so that it is removed easily.
● Gel type (200mL)  
 (6 pieces/box)

denture gel
For dry mouth
Denture Gel (Oral Mate D) (Oral moisturizing paste)

Oral moisturizing paste suitable to patients with dentures

This oral mucosa moisturizing paste has more viscosity than conventional products, so that patients with dentures can use for denture stability. There is a small pouch type for easy carrying.
● Tube type 45g per piece  
(Minimum order unit 6 pieces per  box)
● Small pouch type
 2.5gx30 pieces per bo
For dry mouth
Wet-Aid contains hyaluronic acid (Oral moisturizing gel)

Oral moisturizing gel for those who need care

Wet-Aid, as moisturizing gel, is used for dry mouth and dry lips, and is able to remove phlegm of those who need care, and is alcohol free. It has the merit of pleasant sweetness.
● Gel type
Candida Detector
(Simplified selection medium for Candida)

Degrees of an oral hygiene or improvement of an oral care can be evaluated.

The degrees of an oral hygiene or a cleaning effect, before and after oral cleaning, can be evaluated using this simplified selection medium for Candida detection as an index.
This product can judge not only by color change but also by a number of colonies after incubation, therefore its visual appeal to a patient and
reliability on the detection increases dramatically.
In addition, if a colony count is only required, it can be observed at room temperature within three to five days.

Ten agar mediums, ten sterilized    swabs,ten name labels